Although more children are enrolling in school, many do not receive the quality of education they deserve — and thousands are missing out on this critical opportunity altogether. Not only are children who are out of school not preparing for their futures, they are also at greater risk of exploitation. To protect them, we provide education-and-protection-focused programmes for children who cannot attend school due to conflict or displacement. We’re working to improve the quality of education by: supporting policy change, improving the training teachers receive and helping children and their communities address gender-based barriers.


Children in Primary school (ages 6–12) are attaining the basic skills of literacy and numeracy with a goal of increasing the number of children who read with comprehension.  We prepare adolescents between 12-18 for work and a productive adulthood by helping them develop skills that are key to the pursuit of their educational and life goals. Through our Safe and Nurturing Schools programme, we help create a positive school environment free from physical punishment, bullying and sexual violence.