Child case 2

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At 10 years, Grace is made to stop school so as to take care of her siblings at home including house work. She is on and off from school because she cannot afford school fees that is affecting her education. In days when she goes to school, she still has to come back and join her mother in the garden to work. She helps her mother to look for food for her siblings and has no time to play with her friends. She has to cook food at home and take it to her mother who is in the garden digging. Grace’s father died in 2019.When he died, Grace’s Education was affected. She does not attend school regularly and they always chase her because of school fees. Also most times she has to stay home to take care of her twin siblings while the mother goes to dig in peoples’ gardens. Grace wants to be a nun because she wants to preach in church. Grace needs school fees so she can be able to attend school regularly   Grace seated in front of her house                                                                                                                                   Grace and her twin siblings